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Use Facebook's Info and Ads Tab To Improve Your Own Ads

Peter Eickholt
Jul 2, 2018
Last Modified:
Jan 31, 2023


With last month’s launch of the Info and Ads tab on all Pages, Facebook made good on a promise to be more transparent about ads run on their ad networks. The new tab allows users to learn about when a Page was created and any history of changes to the Page’s name. More importantly - it shows you all of the active ads a Page is running.

Of all the changes Facebook has made to the ad platform in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, like removing the ability to use Custom Audiences in the Audience Insight tool or obscuring estimated reach totals, Info and Ads provides the most benefit to advertisers.

Where To Find Info and Ads

The tab is available now on the official mobile apps and on desktop and can be found on any Page. Simply click on Info and Ads and you’ll see what active ads are currently being run or quickly learn if no ads are being run at all. If the Page has related Pages like localized sister Pages for other global markets, you’ll see a list of the related Pages and have the option to view ads run from that Page.

Where To Find Info and Ads
As a hat enthusiast, it’s only natural to use hat retailer Lids as an example.

Look At Competitor’s Facebook Ads

This may feel a little naughty since being able to see all your competitors’ ads all at once is a new concept. It may also feel a little weird to know that all of your ads are now out in the open for anybody to see. For an agency like us, it gives us the opportunity to show off what kind of great ads we’ve put together for our clients.

Looking at ads from your competitors is no different than a sports team watching film and putting together a scouting report. It may not seem like there’s a lot to learn from just looking at the ads, since the tab doesn’t provide any information about targeting or engagement, but no opposing team has ever handed over their playbook freely to a team studying tape. There are a lot of questions that you can ask yourself that will help you infer what strategies are being employed.

Questions To Ask About Ad Types

Are they running ads to get Page Likes?
Are they using Lead Gen ads?
Are they using Dynamic Product Ads?
Are they using Collections ads?
Are they using video?

You may get some hints into the overall ad strategy by seeing the breadth of what they’re doing but also may learn where their current priorities are. You may learn that a competitor is only focusing on brand objectives rather than pushing specific products. You may learn what products are pushed more than others. You may learn more about the types of promotions they tend to run.

Lids appears to be using Dynamic Product Ads, Collections ads, are running a 25% off promo, and are pushing Adidas hats, Lakers fan gear, and Minor League Baseball’s Copa de la Diversion on-field caps. Need some design ideas? Check here for inspiration.

Questions To Ask About Ad Creative

Are they testing different images with the same ad copy or vice versa?
Are they using carousel ads?
Are they using organic Page posts as their ad units?
What kid of imagery are they using - product vs. lifestyle?

Lids appears to run a Dynamic Product Ad in the carousel format and all of their other ads appear to use imagery that predominantly showcases the products. The Lakers focused ads appear to show the same copy is being used and are most likely testing different images.

Take inspiration from what others are doing. Emulate their strategies. Double down on the gaps they’re not focusing on but you are.

In the meantime, would you like to see if you’re doing the best you can on Facebook? Contact us for a free audit.

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