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Mar 1, 2023
Facebook Ads Value Optimization. What is It and How to Set it Up. And Why It’s Important

What is Facebook Value Optimization? If you've worked with Facebook advertising for any amount of time, you know that the changes are never ending.  Meta is adding new tools and resources all the time.  Facebook Value Optimization is a technical piece of information but yet very powerful in the performance of Facebook (Meta) ads. What […]

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Feb 21, 2023
How To Grow Your Business Utilizing Meta Advertising

Meta advertising is the practice of using advertising to promote your own products or services. By leveraging the power of advertising, businesses can reach a large audience in a relatively short period of time, making it a powerful tool for scaling quickly. In this blog post, we'll take a deep dive into how you can […]

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Feb 17, 2023
Organic Optimization on Amazon: Tools and Strategies Every Seller Should Be Using

It seems no matter where you look among Amazon marketing circles, they’re all talking about one thing – ads! I get it. Amazon ads are a powerful way to quickly boost your sales and reach the coveted Page 1. While this is a great place to be, it’s essential to look at what you’re paying […]

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Sep 14, 2021
Walmart Marketplace: A New Way to Sell Online

Amazon is the most well-known online marketplace for sellers. But Amazon is in for some competition thanks to the emergence of Walmart Marketplace. Walmart Marketplace allows third-party sellers to list their items on Walmart's website. The selling process is identical to selling products on platforms such as Amazon or eBay.  Walmart Marketplace presents a great […]

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Aug 4, 2021
The Problem with ROAS, and How MER Can Help

Your return on ad spend(ROAS) might be a bit limiting as a marketing metric for your business. Looking at the marketing efficiency ratio(MER) will give you a better picture.

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Apr 23, 2021
How Apple’s Updates to iOS Will Impact Facebook Ads (And How You Can Prepare)

Slipped into Tuesday’s “Spring Loaded” Apple product launch event was the announcement that the next major update to the iPhone operating system, iOS 14.5, is coming next week. While updates come and go, this particular update will provide users with data tracking pop-ups that asks users to opt-in to tracking their in-app activity. Now that […]

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Apr 21, 2021
Facebook Attribution Is Going Away on August 1

Facebook is removing yet another tool this summer. Today, we’re reporting that Facebook Attribution is going away on August 1, 2021. It may seem like deja vu, as we’ve previously reported on changes to Store Visits, Facebook Analytics, Ads Library, and Audience Insights, but this announcement points to the upcoming changes in iOS 14 as […]

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Apr 17, 2021
Facebook Audience Insights Is Going Away on July 1

One day after Facebook sunsets Facebook Analytics, comes the last day Facebook Audience Insights will be available. Audience Insights, the ad targeting research tool, is going away on July 1, 2021, according to a notification that began popping up while accessing Audience Insights this week. Advertisers who use the tool to research demographic, lifestyle, and […]

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Apr 7, 2021
Store Visits Optimization for Facebook Ads is Gone

If you use Facebook Ads to try to increase foot traffic to your physical store locations, you’ll need to change your strategy. As of April 1, 2021, the ability to run ads with the Store Traffic advertising objective for Store Visits optimization is no more.  Before the change, optimizing ads for Store Visits delivered ads […]

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Mar 31, 2021
Facebook Analytics Is Going Away on June 30

Facebook Analytics, Facebook’s web analytics platform, is going away on June 30, 2021, according to a recently posted Facebook Help Center article. Advertisers who relied upon the tool to measure the behavior of users they’ve been targeting across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and more are being advised to use Facebook Business Suite, Ads Manager, and Events […]

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