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Facebook Attribution Is Going Away on August 1

Carolyn Lowe
Apr 21, 2021
Last Modified:
Jan 31, 2023


Facebook is removing yet another tool this summer. Today, we’re reporting that Facebook Attribution is going away on August 1, 2021. It may seem like deja vu, as we’ve previously reported on changes to Store Visits, Facebook Analytics, Ads Library, and Audience Insights, but this announcement points to the upcoming changes in iOS 14 as the reason for the tools being deprecated. 

Up until now, most of the announcements came without explanation. This change came with a note tying the retirement of Facebook Attribution to updates in iOS 14. A message that appears on the Attribution page says the following:

Facebook Attribution Message

“Apple has announced changes related to iOS 14 that may soon impact your reporting in Facebook Attribution. As more people opt out of tracking on iOS 14, a significant decrease in the number of reported conversions is possible. You'll also see fewer impressions and clicks reported for sources off Facebook. In addition, the statistical modeling used to estimate conversions that was introduced on May 1, 2020 will soon no longer be incorporated in Facebook Attribution reporting.”

Included in the retirement is the current Facebook Attribution UI, the Facebook Attribution API, and lines of business.

Facebook sent in an email that they will disallow new lines of businesses being created soon.

"Given the recent and future changes in the digital ads ecosystem, we will be retiring the current Facebook Attribution tool in August 2021. We will discontinue onboarding new lines of business starting May 1, 2021. As we look to retire Facebook Attribution, we are building the next generation of an attribution tool. This tool will provide comprehensive measurement of ads, organic and commerce activities across the Facebook family of apps. The new attribution tool will no longer support cross-publisher attribution. We will provide more details when available.  

Facebook also hinted that new measurement tools are on their roadmap in a Help Center article about the change. 

“We are building new features for the next generation of an attribution product that will provide comprehensive measurement of ads, organic and commerce activities across Facebook Business Tools. We will provide more details and ways on access to the new attribution solution later this year.”

One of the main benefits of Attribution was the ability to add click and impression tags to other ad platforms to appear in Facebook reports. For instance, you could easily configure Google or Bing and use one tool to understand the impact of Facebook and off-Facebook performance. Facebook says the tags will remain active. They won’t need to be removed if they’ve been configured already, but will update advertisers if this changes.

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