Our team has a diverse retail background in distribution, logistics, merchandising, sales and marketing. We combine years of experience to provide a customized solution for your business needs. Meet some of our team. 

Carolyn Lowe

CEO & Co-Founder

Carolyn once won $10,000 on the radio and wished she saved it to invest in Google or Amazon two decades later. After leaving Dell, she founded ROI Swift to follow her passion of helping emerging businesses grow. She is the mother of two children and has her pilot’s license, though no time to actually fly anymore.

Alejandra Benavides

Marketplace Assistant

Alejandra is an experienced ecommerce specialist who has worked with both small brands and large retailers. She came to ROI Swift because she was excited about helping companies navigate Amazon using the knowledge she’s gained throughout her career and from being a small business owner. She’s our Marketplace Assistant and works with our Amazon team to grow and optimize our branded partners’ businesses.

Nicholas Bullock

Marketplace Assistant

Nick is an ecommerce specialist and tech enthusiast. He has sold on Amazon and worked in the shipping industry for years and came to ROI Swift looking to use his experience to help small businesses grow. He enjoys anything technology related and can be found working on his own computer in his spare time. He works on our Amazon team as our Marketplace Assistant to grow and optimize our branded partners’ businesses

Gabe Hernandez

Digital Marketer

Gabe Hernandez is a digital marketer and hat enthusiast. His experience has taken him from designing and executing advertising research for Disney to working on Facebook’s Global Marketing Solutions team. Gabe is our resident Facebook expert specializing in developing, supporting, and optimizing advertising campaigns that provide a high-quality return on ad spend.
Peter Eickholt

Peter Eickholt

Amazon Manager

Peter Eickholt is an Amazon fanatic and carpentry aficionado. He’s done it all when it comes to ecommerce. He’s sold books on Amazon, grown a fencing brand on Amazon, and even built a dropshipping site. Pete is our Amazon expert specializing in growing brands through organic listing optimization and efficient PPC management.

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