May 20th | 1:00PM EST | 12:00PM CST | 10:00AM PST

Selling On Amazon: What You Need to Know

Navigating Amazon and understanding the platform’s many nuances can take years, and even then, the changes are never-ending. 

Our webinars are designed to give brands a strong overview of the fundamentals of marketing platforms and insights from our expertise with growing brands. 

The latest session provides an overview of the various options available to sellers on Amazon. We’ll explore the ways to sell on Amazon, the economics of selling on Amazon, and how advertising on Amazon works. We’ll also have a Q&A with ROI Swift CEO Carolyn Lowe to answer any questions you might have about selling on Amazon. 

Join us on Wednesday, May 20th for Selling On Amazon: What You Need to Know

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Featured Speaker

Carolyn Lowe

CEO & Co-Founder

Carolyn once won $10,000 on the radio and wished she saved it to invest in Google or Amazon two decades later. After leaving Dell, she founded ROI Swift to follow her passion of helping emerging businesses grow. She is the mother of two children and has her pilot’s license, though no time to actually fly anymore.

We'll Be Discussing:

Different Ways to Sell on Amazon

Learn about the 3 primary ways to sell on Amazon and what makes sense for your brand.

Tools To Help You Manage Amazon

The Amazon platform itself isn't always user friendly. Get a list of 3rd party tools that can help you manage your business.

Amazon Advertising Options

Learn the different options for advertising and how they work for on-Amazon.com advertising.

How to Make Some Money

Profitability is key. Learn ways you can be profitable on Amazon and which products make money.