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Our team offers professional guidance and leadership to ensure your Meta (Facebook) and other paid social platforms are not only getting you the clicks you need, but also converting those clicks into sales by targeting the right audience for your business.

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    Paid Social Services

    Optimizing for Algorithms
    Quick, real-time adjustments to continuously optimize Paid Social ads to optimize your results and a comprehensive understanding of tricky algorithms.
    Targeting & Development
    Find your target audience to develop creative that resonates with potential buyers and converts them through a full-funnel consumer journey.
    Lead Generation
    Discover a new approach to lead generation that expands your consumer base and increases potential leads while helping build your email list.
    Setting & Meeting Goals
    Understand and interpret metrics to set realistic profit and revenue goals, as well as other success metrics, including website clicks, page likes, and more.
    Full Funnel Remarketing
    Develop a comprehensive remarketing plan from start to finish to boost sales, improve revenue, and increase profits.
    App Downloads
    Boost consumer engagement and interest with increased app downloads.
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    • Case Study

      Outdoor Sporting Goods


      In July 2021, a mid-size outdoor sporting goods company partnered with ROI Swift for paid social advertising services. They needed to see profitable growth through management and strategy to help foster a more sustainable business plan.


      Our strategy began with optimizing their image and copy assets, as well as monitoring their current campaigns and evaluating past campaigns to identify effective strategies for their brand. We continually monitored their campaigns and their account to ensure compliance with Meta requirements, and focused on scaling up campaigns and ads that found success. We also continually tested and tweaked assets to test for variabilities and to uncover metrics for success.


      $1M +
      in sales in 12 months.
      Increase in web sessions between 2021 and 2022.
      On average increase in purchases month over month.

    Our Process

    Our tried and tested approach to Amazon Marketplace Management gives us a clear pathway to take your business and scale it up to meet your Amazon seller goals







    Monitor account listings and campaigns to identify performance metrics.



    Optimize listings and continually revise and edit while removing wasted ad spend to maintain high-performing campaigns.



    Scale up high-performing campaigns to boost sales as well as brand awareness.



    Test varying metrics for your Amazon account, including images, listing copy, advertising campaigns, and new features or betas brought in by Amazon to find what works for your brand.

    Tell your story, meet your goals

    Your brand and business identity rely on social media posts to tell the story of your brand while also targeting the right consumers to help you make a profit and boost your revenue. Crafting the story is one part but figuring out how to work out Meta’s ever-changing algorithms is another. We’re here to find the perfect formula for your business and to scale it for maximized success.

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