About ROI Swift

Based in Austin, the ROI Swift team was born out of a desire to help small and medium businesses grow through profitable paid advertising vehicles. Co-founders Julie Jumonville and Carolyn Lowe worked together at UpSpring, a company that makes postpartum products for moms and babies. Carolyn grew the UpSpring Amazon business by over 1000% year on year from 2014 to 2015 and grew the online business for UpSpringbaby.com by over 50% year on year in that time period.
Carolyn and Julie, along with co-founder Dan Graham, CEO of Build-a-Sign, formed ROI Swift to service the many businesses that couldn’t afford a full-time Digital Marketing Expert.
We help your businesses grow through profitable digital marketing strategies.

Some of our Slew of Results Include:

  • Lowered cost per lead by over 76% for a large, business-to-business firm and improved lead quality at the same time
  • Successfully got a client’s Amazon account re-instated by cleaning up their account and listings resulting in profitable sales again
  • Ran a Facebook campaign that resulted in record revenue and a cost per order of less than $2.00 for a baked goods delivery company
  • Grew a western brand from 6 to 8 figures in less than 2 years through profitable Facebook and Instagram advertising.
  • Grew a health and wellness brand so large they were acquired by a multi-billion dollar international corporation
  • Want more information? Email us at [email protected]

Meet Some of our Experts

Carolyn Lowe - CEO of the Team

Carolyn Lowe

Carolyn has worked in marketing for more decades than she cares to admit. She’s run a $2B division at large corporations and worked in startups as small as 8 people. She has a deep and successful background in growing Amazon for consumer brands by 1000s of percentage points and has deep ecommerce and PPC knowledge. She’s proud to say that every one of their clients has sold more for less spend than prior to working with ROI Swift. She loves helping small and medium businesses be successful and treats them all like her businesses because you can’t waste money when you’re small, medium or large. She’s jumped out of a plane, she’s piloted planes and she once won $10,000 on the radio when she was fourteen.

Gabe Hernandez - Team Member

Gabe Hernandez

Gabe Hernandez is a digital marketer and hat enthusiast. His experience has taken him from designing and executing advertising research for Disney to working on Facebook’s Global Marketing Solutions team. Gabe is now our resident Facebook expert specializing in developing, supporting, and optimizing advertising campaigns that provide a high quality return on ad spend.

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