Tell A More Complete Story by Sharing Multiple Photos on Instagram at the Same Time

While a picture may be worth a thousand words, choosing only one photo to share on Instagram often left parts of a story untold. For some, choosing only one image wasn’t an option and rapid-fire shares of pictures and video was the solution. Now there’s no excuse to ever flood users’ Feed as Instagram has solved for this by now allowing users to share up to 10 photos or videos at the same time in a carousel.

The carousel format is a familiar one to paid advertisers on Instagram. Carousels in Feed show the first photo or video from the post with a row of dots below it. The dots indicate how many photos or videos there are in the carousel and which post in the carousel is currently visible and controlled by swipes left or right. Likes and comments count for the entire post and not for individual photos or videos and editing only allows to edit the caption or location. The order of photos and videos are not able to edited and all photos and videos can only be uploaded as squares.

Uploading multiple images or video is easy. Simply begin composing a post and select Library. A Select Multiple option should appear. Once selected, you can choose up to 10 photos or videos from your phone’s library. You can select how photos or videos are cropped and the same filter can be applied to all photos or videos or they can be applied individually. Tags can be applied only to individual photos by tapping Tag People.

This new ability is complementary to Instagram Stories that was launched last summer. Instagram Stories are only live for 24 hours, borrowing the Snapchat-esque ephemerality. Now anyone who wishes to keep their story permanent in one place can now make sure to save their stories and then share all of the components.

With every new format there’s room for experimenting with what to share. There’s now an opportunity for brands to showcase their products at different angles or a new visual way to create lists. Additionally, collages may also be retired in favor of the carousels since there’s no longer a need to cram multiple images into one square.

After playing with this feature, I can confirm that 10,000 words are better than 1,000.

Bonus: Here’s a starter list of a few Instagram carousels to try:

• Share Before and After photos
• Share all of the images from a “camera burst” creating a short stop-motion capture of a moment
• Share a collection of one photo a day from a period of 10 days

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