Instagram’s New ‘Save Draft’ Feature Is Perfect For Queueing Up Posts

The days of losing progress on a carefully edited would-be Instagram photo are long gone. As of this week Instagram has added the option to allow users to save drafts, a dream come true for Instagram perfectionists.

The Instagram save draft feature is available on the filtering and editing page of the app and will show up when you tap on the arrow at the upper-left of the screen. Previously Instagram would warn you that going back would result in losing all of your progress but now the save draft option appears. The caveat here is that save draft is only available as long as you made at least one edit to a photo or video. The option is available even if the photos have been edited and a caption and location have already been added to the post.

Instagram Save Draft

Getting to your saved drafts is easy as they’re available when you tap the camera icon to bring up the composer in the Library tab under the label of Drafts. Tapping on a draft brings you back in to editing it as usual.

Instagram Save Draft Drafts

Instagram’s save draft feature is a win for brands as it provides an easy way for brands to queue up future posts. Brands can now edit all of their images at once and then share when appropriate. We don’t know up to how many drafts Instagram will allow you to save and we tested to see if saved drafts from one device were available on another device logged in to the same account and those did not seem to be available.

This new feature feels like Instagram is getting closer to allowing brands to schedule posts but for now the efficiency to knock out photo edits all at once is a great time saver.