Google Advertising

Google Ads can be overwhelming, and we’ve seen plenty of small businesses spend a lot of money with paid search companies who don’t know what they’re doing. Our teams use their expertise to implement keyword optimization and expand where your ads are seen throughout the internet using the Google Search and Display Network.

We’ll also use data to identify and get in front of the right customers on Google Shopping. These customers are ready to buy and are using Google Shopping to compare products and prices. Trust us, you want to show up there.

Our comprehensive paid search/shopping/display services include:

• Creating goals that align with your business needs
• Adwords matching for exact, broad, and phrase terms
• Google Shopping campaigns that convert with high Return on Ad Spend
• Strategic Insights into business performance and recommendations 
• Bi-Weekly and monthly custom reports

ROI Swift is a Google Search and Shopping and Display Partner

Key Results

Scaled up a Consumer Apparel DTC Brand by 5x in spend with a
cost-per-order of less than $11
within 2 months.

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