5 Ways to Optimize Amazon Listings on Seller Central

All Amazon Sellers want to optimize Amazon listings and it is amazing to me how few actually take the little amount of time needed to create a great listing. There are five simple things that brand owners can do to optimize their listings for organic search and relevancy.
Amazon’s algorithm for organic search results is based on many factors and some of those are search terms, relevancy to search term, sales of your item, product reviews and other factors as well. Here’s what you’ll want to focus on to make sure your product comes up in relevant search terms and is a good listing.

#1 – Have at Least 5 High Quality Images on Your Amazon Listing

A picture is worth 1000 words and images quickly can demonstrate features and benefits of your product. I’ve managed brands where they don’t have a high quality image for their main image and Amazon will overwrite it with their own images taken in a warehouse or another seller’s images that are actual photographs rather than PDF renderings.

Here’s an example of a listing with great images from the company UpSpring. It has 7 images, clearly shows the product, the benefits and some additional helpful information. We uncovered a great Amazon photographer on the West Coast who is reasonable and specializes in Amazon photography.


Optimize Amazon Listings with Good Images - Shrinkx Belly Bamboo Charcoal Belly Wrap from UpSpring


#2 – Make Sure the Relevant Information is in Your Amazon Bullets

You have 5 bullets and make sure you put the best-selling and most relevant information in those bullets. For example, one client had a drink mix for breastfeeding mothers and moms commented how they loved that it kept them hydrated. Read your reviews and find out what the 4 and 5 star reviews love about your product. If there’s a theme, make sure your bullets reflect those things that customers love so much and why you’re different and better.

#3 – Focus on Your Search Terms When You Optimize Amazon Listings

Running auto-targeting on your Sponsored Campaigns will quickly tell you what Amazon thinks of your product. Download the search term report and you’ll see what terms you matched to and when Amazon showed your product. Most times, the title, bullets and search terms are not relevant if you’re showing up for irrelevant searches.
Another common mistake is that sellers put broad terms in search terms such as this pet seller below. Rather than putting specific, high volume, relevant search terms, they tried to keyword stuff search terms. Cleaning this up to the 5 most highly relevant search terms is already helping their listing.

Optimize Amazon Listings with the Best Search Terms for Your Product

#4 – Use All 2000 Characters in the Product Description

So often, we’ll work with a client and they have a 2-3 sentence description on their product. This listing is not a client but it’s a great example of how to NOT maximize the few things you have available to you on your Amazon listing to convert potential buyers. They don’t use many words and the English is poor. Would you buy this product?

Poor Amazon Seller Central Product Description

So, use as many of those 2000 characters as you can!

#5 – Optimize Amazon Listing in Additional Details Areas of Your Listings

Make sure that if you use all the other fields available in the listings, that you do so correctly. There is a big difference between a product with a Target Audience of Adults and the “Is Adult Product” checkbox! The “Is Adult Product” means its content is adult-content and it will keep you from showing up in the Amazon SERPs (Search Engine Results Page.)

Adult Product Designation 

So, to recap….Here Are the Top 5 Ways to Optimize Amazon Listings

  1. High quality photographs with a minimum of 5 images per listing
  2. Put the most relevant information in your bullets
  3. Focus on the best 5 search terms in your backend keywords area
  4. Use all 2000 characters in the product description field
  5. Optimize all the other fields available to you in your listing.

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Happy Selling!